ONION EXPRESS (OE 2.0) is the second generation of a 100% Polish machine for automatic peeling of industrial onions.

The uniqueness of our machine is very high yield up to 160 onions / minute (0.6-0.8 T / h) and a wide range of diameter from 35 mm to 80 mm, and without the need for additional calibration.
The larger diameter of the onion requires calibration. The fact that OE 2.0 peels on unsorted onion is our next advantage.

OE 2.0 is equipped with an automatic belt that delivers the onion to the chains of two inlet chains.
Operator’s work is limited to the proper placement of onions in the transport trolleys of the transport chain.
The rotating knives continue to cut the heel and onion root, while the rotating horizontal knives prepare the shell for compressed air removal.

Work efficiency is very high thanks to:

1. Minimized number of operators
2. The whole range of works without using water
3. No defective and unreliable electronics
4. Easy operation and maintenance
5. Very small waste