Business DXD Engineering Poland was established in 2017 from the merger of two companies operating on the market since 2008 in the industry, including food and metal.

Knowledge of the construction of machinery and equipment and experience gained while working in the onion processing industry was the impulse to build a machine that will carry the advantages and at the same time will be free from the disadvantages of onion peeling machines on the market.

Our prototype machines operating in a continuous mode in large processing plants, allowed us to eliminate from the production version imperfections that are burdened with new, untested products.

Our machine is not a copy of existing machines, it has an application for UP.

Utility models that we can not find in any other machine available on the market.
We are proud of the fact that our devices were created in a company with 100% Polish capital and components manufactured in Poland.
Today, we create with passion both onion peeling machines and whole lines for onion processing and selection.